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Planting of greenery

Specialists of the company will prepare the design for arrangement and decoration of the tomb with plants, will recommend what plants to choose, how to adjust crushed rock of various types, factures and colours to the existing tombstone, fence and compositions of plants. Leave this problem to us, and the eternal resting place of your dear deceased persons will be arranged perfectly.

We render the following tomb maintenance services:

1) Designing and implementation of greenery planting
2) Professional advice on greenery planting
3) A single-time maintenance
4) Continuous maintenance
5) Watering
6) Lawn maintenance
7) Removal of sand, filling with black soil
8) Repairing of a sunken tomb
9) Removal of old wreaths and maintenance of a tomb
10) Artistic covering with crushed rock
11) Planting of greenery
12) Putting of flowers or bouquets on the tomb on memorable dates
13) Lighting of candles on holidays, their removal