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Stone is a very plastic material. Master’s hands can transform composite stone into various shapes. We are prepared to assist in implementation of your vision. A professional designer will design an article in accordance with your wishes and the team of masters will take the challenge.

Joint-Stock Company „Labradoras“ already makes more than twenty years monuments from various grades of a stone. The stone is brought from Italy, Sweden, Brazil, by Russia, India and other countries. In manufacture we use the high-class equipment, and professional workers constantly supervise quality of products. Monuments it is made under individual orders, co-ordinating with the client of its wish. But there are also serial products which you can examine on our platforms of Kairenai settling down on cemeteries and Liepines. Always a wide choice. Masters on a place will engrave letters or will mount metal, we can cut out any at will an inscription, using stainless steel. We engrave portraits, at will of the client it is pasted porcelain photos.

On a platform of Kairenai we have designers who will free of charge design to you an individual monument if you do not find wished in an exposition. Or you can cause at any time convenient for you and in a place of convenient for you our mobile designer which as will free of charge design the new monument corresponding to your expectations and desires. The stone, glass, metal and other materials connected by our professional designers become a product, intended to immortalise memory of the person.