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Monument erection procedure

Important: The works for erection of a monument shall be carried out in the presence of the person responsible for maintenance of the tomb. Monuments and other tomb structures shall be built by the partners of UAB “Labradoras”, i.e. the companies that have concluded cooperation agreements with UAB “Labradoras”, in compliance with designs approved by …

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Funeral procedure

A new tomb place is assigned and a burial permit is issued: To the relatives, the spouse of the deceased or other person arranging the funeral. Documents: 1. A written request (the person filing a request becomes a person responsible for maintenance of the tomb). 2. A death certificate (from the civil registry office). 3. …

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Candles and flowers

For your convenience, you can purchase candles and flowers in Kairėnai and Liepynė Cemeteries. We offer a wide range of flowers: various flower pots, bouquets of natural flowers, bouquets of dried flowers.

Cemetery administration

UAB “Labradoras” has a long-term experience in cemetery administration. The company won the tender for maintenance and administration of all Vilnius City cemeteries announced by the Municipality of Vilnius City. At present UAB “Labradoras” administers, operates and maintains Kairėnai and Liepynė Cemeteries. Installation, maintenance and development of Liepynė Cemetery are carried out at the expense …

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Planting of greenery

Specialists of the company will prepare the design for arrangement and decoration of the tomb with plants, will recommend what plants to choose, how to adjust crushed rock of various types, factures and colours to the existing tombstone, fence and compositions of plants. Leave this problem to us, and the eternal resting place of your …

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Stone is a very plastic material. Master’s hands can transform composite stone into various shapes. We are prepared to assist in implementation of your vision. A professional designer will design an article in accordance with your wishes and the team of masters will take the challenge. Joint-Stock Company „Labradoras“ already makes more than twenty years …

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Free project

The monument, is the product created by the individual order more often, after all each person which memory we want to remember – is individual. We have professional designers-architects who will help you to choose and design a new monument. Will absolutely free of charge design a product, will pick up suitable grades of a …

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The main means of artistic expression of sculpture are three-dimensional position of forms, proportions, silhouette, rhythm, facture. The sculptor implements people’s ideas. A professional sculptor will assist in perpetuating the memory of the deceased.